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Diving in Bunaken, Lembeh, Manado, Nusa Lembongan, Bali and South Lombok

Tropical island dive resorts and PADI 5 Star centres in great dive locations

Four times the adventure!

Tropical-Island dive centers/resorts at some of the best diving locations in Indonesia – stay and dive in Bali, Bunaken, Lembeh and South Lombok with affordable accommodation away from the crowds.

Relax and dive with us at one of our tropical island resorts, or visit all 6 of our dive locations on our Indonesia Dive Safari.
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1st-class diving service with
PADI 5 Star dive centers

Small groups of no more than four guests per dive guide, organised according to air consumption and dive experience
Oxygen and first aid on every dive boat
Long dives – we just ask you to surface after 75mins or on 40bar
Full-time, experienced PADI Instructors offering high quality PADI courses from try-dives to Divemaster Internships

Two Fish Divers
is scuba diving Indonesia!


With our tropical-island resorts and PADI 5 Star Centers in both Bunaken and Lembeh

Bunaken Island, Manado


Bunaken Island is just 45mins by boat from Manado and is right in the heart of the award-winning Bunaken Marine Park. The diving offers beautiful corals, lots of fish, amazing small critters, and some larger and exciting marine animals including reef sharks, huge turtles and schools of barracudas.

Bunaken island dive resort


We have our own resort on Bunaken Island. Its a beach-side resort with wooden cottages and 18m brand new swimming pool. Budget rooms are also available at the resort. Free Wi-Fi and full board.

Contact us for diving Bunaken, Lembeh, Nusa Lembongan/Bali and South Lombok

Map of Manado Sulawesi

Lembeh Straits, Manado


Lembeh Straits is 2 hours by car and boat from Manado. It is the muck diving capital of the world where you can hunt for amazing critters such as hairy frogfish, sea horses, flamboyant cuttlefish and mimic octopus. Muck dives are the main reason divers return to us time and time again.

Lembeh island dive resort


We have our own resort on Lembeh Island. It has wooden cottages with sea views, right in the heart of world famous Lembeh Straits. Budget rooms are also available. Free Wi-Fi and full board.

Contact us for diving Bunaken, Lembeh, Nusa Lembongan/Bali and South Lombok


With our tropical-island resort and PADI 5 Star Center on Nusa Lembongan and our PADI 5 Star Center in Sanur

Nusa Lembongan, Bali


Nusa Lembongan is just 30mins by boat from mainland Bali, and is where you can dive with the mantas and mola-mola that made Bali famous. You will also find large schools of fish, beautiful hard-corals, colourful soft corals and a range of critters from macro to pelagics. Something for everyone!

Nusa Lembongan dive resort


We have our own resort with 10 villa-rooms surrounding the swimming pool, and only a two minute walk from the sandy beach. Nearby budget accommodation options are also available as well. Free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

Contact us for diving Bunaken, Lembeh, Nusa Lembongan/Bali and South Lombok


Mainland, Bali


The diving around Bali is incredibly diverse: beautiful coral and walls in Menjangan Marine Park in the North; fascinating muck dive and reefs in Amed; challenging dives in Padang Bai and Candidasa; exhilarating drifts and big fish encounters in Nusa Pendia & Nusa Lembongan; fantastic muck diving in the North and East of Bali; and the famous USS Liberty shipwreck at Tulamben which is not to be missed by anyone visiting Bali!

Accommodation in Bali


As our dive center is based in Sanur, there is an abundance of nearby accommodation at all levels, from 5-star to budget. Contact us for our favourites!

Contact us for diving Bunaken, Lembeh, Nusa Lembongan/Bali and South Lombok


With our PADI 5 Star Center in South Lombok

South Gilli’s, South Lombok


A group of tropical islands in the south with white sand beaches, only a few dive resorts, and not much topside goings-on apart from snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. Great diving with pristine and lively reefs, and abundant marine life.

Map of South Lombok, Indonesia

Belongas, South Lombok


In Belongas Bay you’ll find an unspoiled underwater paradise with pristine reefs, an intact environment, challenging “adrenalin dives” with sighting of schooling barracudas, tunas, mobula and eagle rays and hammerheads.

accommodation in south Gili’s and Belongas

We regularly use 5 different resorts all nearby with various levels of accommodation and budgets, and can assist with or recommend others. Click here for more info on Belongas Bay accommodation. Click here for more information on South Gili’s Accommodation.

Contact us for diving Bunaken, Lembeh, Nusa Lembongan/Bali and South Lombok

Lombok dive resort

/// Other Services in Bunaken, Lembeh, Nusa Lembongan/Bali and South Lombok

Scuba diving, dive safaris and dive courses across Indonesia – Bunaken, Lembeh, Bali, Lembongan and Lombok

Indonesia Dive Safari in Bunaken, Lembeh, Nusa Lembongan, Bali and South Lombok

Diving with Two Fish Divers means that you can book several stunning scuba diving locations with the same world-class operator in one holiday. You can dive both Bunaken and Lembeh, they are only 3hours apart from each other. You can start or finish in Bali, its only a 3hour flight from either Bunaken and Lembeh. You can add on South Lombok, its only a 3hour ferry ride from Lembongan. Why not try all four locations?

Scuba diving courses in Indonesia

We are a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center, and we have a dedicated and experienced instructor team in each location that are committed to provide the best in tuition and experience. Discover diving, improve your skills or GOPro, we run these dive courses in all of our locations.

Technical Diving & Courses in Indonesia - Open Circuit and Sidemount

tdi dive centerTechnical Diving and PADI/TDI Courses with our dedicated Tec operation based on Bunaken. We teach PADI and TDI courses for both Open Circuit and Sidemount, and we offer specialized TEC diving exploration and Coelacanth expeditions!

/// From our Conservation Corner

Conservation in Bunaken, Lembeh,
and Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Marine Conservation in Indonesia

/// From our Blog

  • Waves in Senggigi

    Author: Island_MM Comments: 0 Date: 08 Feb 2016
    We have had pretty strong wind which equals to big waves in Senggigi!! Even so we tried out a new dive site down to the south of Senggigi which we call "Temple Wall." It is so named due to the landmarks above water. The wall was built around 10 years ago for breaking the waves during the wet season and protecting the small local shops along the coast line. It is a pretty wall and looks a lot older than it is.Under the waves in Senggigi The dive site is a shallow dive of a maximum depth of 15 meters. There is a plateau as you descend of a big area and as you swim out to the south west it starts to slope down with big boulders full of coral. We saw an awful lot of sea creatures ranging from scorpion fish, lionfish, flat worms, bat fish, nudibranchs, squat shrimps, crabs but best of all was the ribbon eel. A beautiful blue colour with the yellow stripe going down its back. Ribbon eel’s are fairly friendly and if you hover your tank banger over it and slowly move it away the eel will follow for some time giving us divers the chance to see just how long they get. On the boat we were joined by the owners of the hotel “The Candi”. A couple from Germany who moved here back 6 years ago. With them was Martine, myself, Zul (our transport staff) and kuss the Instructor/Guide. A pleasant day but not for those who get a little sea sick. :-/ Luckily that was none of us ;-)
  • Heading north from Bunaken to see Eagle Rays and so much more

    Author: YvonnePress Comments: 0 Date: 08 Feb 2016
    Bunaken eagle raysThis week, our guests Steven and Karen decided to venture a little further off the beaten track from Bunaken and headed to the northern islands of the Bunaken Marine National Park. The rewards were schooling Barracuda, eagle rays and much more.
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  • Cryptic Shrimp sighting in Lembeh

    Author: RobynSmith Comments: 0 Date: 05 Feb 2016
    Cryptic Shrimp sighting in LembehSeventh and Ninth-time return guests to the region were excited by their first Cryptic Shrimp sighting in Lembeh this week! These cool little critters so perfectly resemble the sponge they inhabit that they are nearly impossible to differentiate from their background. The Cryptic Shrimp’s innate ability to perfectly blend in with its surroundings is a type of crypsis camouflage: an animal’s natural-born ability to visually blend in with its habitat in order to avoid predation.
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