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25 Apr / 2010
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diveguide ken As part of Project Aware’s Dive for Earth Day on 22nd April, all the guests and staff of Two Fish Divers Bunaken did a thorough underwater clean up of the area below the jetty of Bunaken Village.

The guests needed no encouragement to get stuck in to the task at hand. All the staff were keen to get involved too, and it wasn’t just the dive guides……there were divers, snorkelers and non-swimmers alike. Even the restaurant boys donned their snorkelling gear and got to work, picking up all sorts of weird and not-so-wonderful trash. Those who didn’t get in the water tidied up a stretch of beach. A real team effort.

We cleaned up this area last September and, although there was plenty to clean up this time too, it’s very encouraging to see that the area around the jetty is making a sustained recovery and is still home to a diverse range of marine life. Well done to everyone for staying focused, despite an audience of fish, including bat fish, lion fish and anemone fish all looking on curiously.

On our return to Two Fish, the next big job was to unload and weight it all…..In total we collected 28 big sackfuls, plus more odd-shaped bits and pieces that just wouldn’t go into a sack. The total weight came to ……..492.5 Kg, nearly half a tonne!

A fun and hugely productive day was had by all involved. Everyone came back feeling extremely satisfied with what had been achieved and ready for a well-earned dinner!

Big heartfelt thanks to all the guests and staff for their super-enthusiastic participation in a truly worthwhile global initiative.


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