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08 Apr / 2010
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After another busy but extremely fun and critter-crammed month here at Two Fish Divers Lembeh we were unable to make much headway on starting the development of our House Reef.  However finally over the last few days we have been able to get out there and do a couple of dives and some further surveying of the site.

We used the dives to find suitable areas for our new structures ( more on these in House Reef Photos 003later blogs!) and so we dug out our mapping slates, untangle our reel and strap on our compasses!

On the first dive we spent most of our time identifying the areas that we thought looked suitable. On the following dives we noted distances, headings, natural reference points and were able to draw up a rough map.

We are lucky to have an existing structure – The Oyster House – which already attracts a variety of marine life – long-snout pipefish, Banggai House Reef Photos 007Cardinalfish, Razorfish and juvenile Barramudi Cod – we hope that our new ‘additions’ to the reef will have a similar impact!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions with regards to developing artificial reefs then please drop us an email at helen@twofishdivers.com

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