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17 May / 2010
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Baby white-tip reef shark

A superb day out was had by all this week when we visited Barracuda Point. An early start ensured that we arrived there with plenty of time to enjoy 3 dives. Dive 1 at Baracuda 1 treated us to some dramatic scenery, including huge barrel sponges that were big enough to house a small family! We also saw a beautiful crocodile fish, dart gobies galore, lobster, octopi and a curious shoal of bumphead parrot fish of all sizes. Sadly, no Barracuda this time, their agent must have double-booked them.

On dive 2 at Barracuda 2, there were crazy nudibranchs a plenty and various eels, including this ribbon eel and white mouthed moray.

After a hearty lunch on the boat, we dived at Tinongko and came across a baby white tip reef shark, nestled in a ledge on the wall. Sweet.

On the way home we were escorted by a pod of pilot whales! Just goes to show, a trip to Barracuda Point is a great day out even without the barracuda!

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