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17 May / 2010
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Cara Tobie stayed with us here at Two Fish Lembeh for two weeks during March and April. She has sent in the awesome photos to prove that you can take some great pictures ‘just’ with a small ‘point and shoot’ camera.

She has captured a couple of great images of how the crabs here in the Decorator CrabLembeh Straits will use anything from plastic bags to soft anemones to help camouflage themselves from predators!!

Crab and Upside Down JellyfishNudi n Shrimp

Another example of some ‘strange’ behaviour here in the Lembeh Strait, is this

Emperor Shrimp catching a ride on the back of this Ceratosoma tenue. This is a commensalistic relationship – the shrimp gets a free ride and protection predators will stay away from the toxic nudibranch and the nudibranch isn’t affected in any way by its presence. It is thought that the shrimp does earn ‘its ride’ by removing any small parasites from the nudibranch. Another great image!

Thank you again Cara for sending these through, it was great having you stay with us!

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