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24 May / 2010
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As some of you may know, since arriving at Two Fish Divers we have been planning and developing ideas for our building an artificial reef on our house reef and we have finally had some time to build the first of the structures and get them into the water!!

From our time here in Lembeh, we have seen that car tyres make an excellent hide-out for variouHouse Reef 005s kinds of shrimps to hang out in and so therefore attract other creatures such as Moray eels and Lionfish who fancy a good clean from the shrimps!! So we brought in a few old tyres and got to work on building some structures that would stay in position once we had transferred them to the water by roping them together.

When placing artificial structures into the water it is important to construct something that has plenty of crevices that allow creatures to hide from predators. AlsBuilding the Cleaning Stations 1024x768-3o by using rope to tie the tyres together, it also provides a great material for sponges to grow on. As you can see Scubi was eager to lend a helping hand as well but his knot-tying abilities weren’t really up to scratch!!

We’ll report again once we have placed the structures on to the House Reef!!

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