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19 Jun / 2010
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In a previous blog you saw that we were busy building a home for fish on our house reef to live in. Recently we had a quiet afternoon, so we rounded up the staff to pitch in Picture 014and help get the structure into the water, which they gladly did! We (well Opo and Gizmo) had decided to build quite a large house and so it was all hands on deck to get it onto the boat – as you can see from the looks on all of the guys’ faces!! Helen was there giving ‘help’ from behind the camera!!

Picture 003

Once the house was on the boat, Gizmo, Opo, Franz and Steven headed underwater so that they could locate the spot we had picked out for the house. Once they had sent up a SMB ( Surface Marker Buoy for those of you that weren’t sure what that meant!), Hendro, Yusuf and Billy started to slowly and carefully lower the fish house in with a rope.

Picture 020

As you can see we had positioned one of the guides ( Steven) to help guide the house on its way down and it safely was put into position by the guides as you can see in the pictures below. Gizmo was there helping out and making sure we got some pictures of the big moment!).

Picture 024

We are regularly going to check on the structures and are happy to report that they are taking well. We’ll get some pictures up soon!

It really was a group effort with all of the staff getting involved to help and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the guys.

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