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07 Jun / 2010
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Lovenia ElongataThis week in Bunaken something we haven’t seen here before was found. Luckily one of our divers, Sebastien from Brussels, had his camera with him. Coming from the Sea Urchin family, Sebastien found a Lovenia Elongata (long-spined heart urchin). It just goes to show that even our local dive guides who have been diving the walls of Bunaken for years, can still be surprised and see something new.

Sebastien was kind enough to share some of his other favourite photos with us, including a picture perfect Moorish Idol who are normally difficult to catch on camera, for the critter lovers a Halgerda Batangas Nudibranch, and a favourite for everyone of an Ornate Ghost Pipefish.

Thank you for your stay with us and come again soon for some more discoveries.

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  • Karen Kittrell Prideaux 14 Jun 2012

    I have seen many of these in Lembeh. Pufferfish eat them and they still move and seem very much alive even when half eaten. Very cool.

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