01 Jun / 2010
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We woke to what seemed a pretty OK kind of day – flat waters, a few clouds in the sky which were hiding the sun. Our boats set out on time and Lukisan headed to Nudi Retreat but when we got there, there was already another boat so we decided to move onto a different site and what a great decision it turned out to be!!

The first 10 minutes of the dive had us seeing a Common Seahorse, Long Armed Octopus and many orangutan and swimmer crabs ( hours of amusement watching those little fellas amble along!). Then the dive site erupted into life and we went on a rollercoaster ride of a dive – we saw Mimic Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, 4 White Ornate Ghost Pipefish, 2 Ambon Scorpionfish, a Clown Snake Eel out in the open before disappearing beneath the sand, many Spider crabs, a huge hermit crab, even more crabs than you can poke your pointer at and a very rare find of 2 Pygmy Pipehorses!!! Just have a look at some of the photos!!

On the way over to our second dive on Lukisan we were then greeted with the most beautiful sight of a pod of about 20 dolphins swimming along close to the boat!  We continued to watch them but they never let us get too close which makes us think that they are calfing at the moment which is great – baby dolphins in the Lembeh Strait!!!

Second dive continued the tradition of a great mornings diving with 4 pygmy seahorses, a Pegasus Sea Moth, Ribbon eels, Cocunut Octopus and another Flamboyant Cuttlefish.

On Cirrus, one of our other dive boats, they encountered Yellow Pygmy Seahorses, Common and Thorny Seahorses, different types of scorpionfish and the piece de resistance – a lovely Wonderpus!

Lunchtime was a competition of who saw the best things! It definitely will be a morning of diving that will be remembered for a long time!!!

Thank you to Jochen, Tamara and Alex for letting us use their photos!!


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