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04 Jul / 2010
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IMG_0052(That’s the local police, not Sting & the police!) On Saturday 26th June, Two Fish Divers, Bunaken, went over to Hari Bhayangkara in Manado to join the Police in their birthday celebrations. They threw a big event with beach and underwater clean up along the coast line of Manado.

Everyone gathered in Kalimas (Manado Harbour), at 8:00am, beginning with an opening ceremony by Mr Kapolda (the Head of Regional Police) and the Mayor of Manado. Crowds gathered and everyone was very excited, raring to go, and all sporting matching ‘I Love Police’ t-shirts.

Each group was appointed a different area to clean up, so we could cover a larger area. Mr Kapolda and his team went out on jetski to cover the surface clean up. Wakapolda (Deputy Head of Regional Police) and Kapoltabes (Head of City Police) went out with dive companies on their boats to also cover the clean up on the surface. Dive centers gathered on their company boats, including a team from Two Fish Divers, to cover the underwater clean up.

The whole day was a very successful one, with plenty of rubbish gathered in huge bags to be deposited in giant yellow bins provided for the event. We hope we have helped to raise awareness to the locals of Manado to take care of where they throw their rubbish in the future, and protect our underwater world.

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