/// Return of the Red-eye

14 Jul / 2010
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In May much of Manado and Bunaken was hit by Conjuctivitus, aka Red eye. This is a very contagious eye infection, and since it is a virus the only remedy is eye drops to stop any secondary bacterial infection. Everyone seemed to get over it fairly quickly (2-5 days) by the use of eye drops or the more tradition local remedy, breast milk!

The infection had been passed through our staff families. The staff were very careful, and it was not passed on to guests on the resort, with the exception of a group of divers who seemed to have contracted it after visiting the village. It didn’t stop them from diving though!

We had hoped that we had seen the back of it, but after hearing reports from around Indonesia and other Asian countries, we were not surprised when a guest from Singapore bought it back to Bunaken last week.

With its return it seems to have favored the guests, and we would like to apologize to any of our guests who have contracted this infection. We are taking all reasonable precautions on the resort and hope this most recent bout will finish in the next couple of days.

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