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06 Sep / 2010
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A favourite part of our job is sitting with the guests and looking over their photos and talking about what they have seen during their day (or night) of diving.

lizardfish 2Ricardo landed on our shores in July and was really looking forward to getting into the water and taking some shots of the lovely marine life we have residing in the Straits.

In order to get ‘The Shot’ you need to often be in the right place at the right time and Ricardo’s photo of the Lizardfish devouring his lunch is one of those such photos! This is one of my favourite guest photos ever!

  The Coconut octopus (Octopus marginatus) are often seen in the Lembeh Straits coconut octopusand cause much amusement to divers as they make use of anything they can find to ‘hide’ in!  This one stuck to a couple of shells he found on the bottom! You usually find them in in shallow water in areas of sand, mud and rubble. It is active during the night.  It typically has a dark colour pattern when exposed, contrasting with its snow-white suckers as you can see here!

bobtail saquid 2

Bobtail Squid (Euprymna berryi) are the real cuties! We often find them at night half buried in the sand or rubble bottoms of the Straits. It uses its triangular fins to bury itself into the substrate and its arms to cover itself with sand grains.


Thank you again to Ricardo for these pictures and we hope you come back soon to take some more!!


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