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04 Dec / 2010
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Yemi stayed with recently and planned to complete his EFR and Rescue course with us. We did managed to complete the EFR course and he passed the exam with nearly full marks but due to illness we were unable to complete his Rescue course.

Yemi was a great sport about this and decided to throw himself into doing lots of critter hunting instead and after renting a camera from Two Fish ( his camera had died whilst diving with us in Bunaken – poor guy wasn’t having much luck!) he  Leaf Scorpionfishcontinue to work of his photography skills instead and with great results!

You will often find Leaf Scorpionfish (Taenianotus triacanthus) sitting on rocks, blending in with their surroundings awaiting their next meal. This critters is almost as flat as a leaf (hence the name!) and its skin can have blotches of colour that help with  its camouflage. We usually find these fish alone but they can also hang around with another one for some company! They come in variety of colours from white to pink and red to black!

PonthoiPontohi Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus pontohi) is a very rare find and they were first discovered over on the east coast of north Sulawesi in Bunaken National Park! These tiny seahorse are found amongst algae or hydroids and have small skin flaps as you can see in the photo. 

If you would like to see your photos included in our Lembeh blog then please send through your best and favourite photos to helen@twofishdivers.com and we will get them published!




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  • Lucy Griffith 21 Dec 2010

    Just been diving with Yemi in the Similans! We’ve been comparing notes… and our love of…. Lembeh!

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