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09 Aug / 2011
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images With the re-launch of Project AWARE this year, two main focuses emerged: Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris. To support this, Project Aware have targeted September 2011 as the Debris Month of Action.

As divers, we do love nature and underwater life and Two Fish have decide to start contributing to protect this underwater life as much as we can by supporting this Debris Month of Action.

What is marine debris?

Marine debris is any manufactured or processed solid material that, regardless of size, finds its way into the marine and coastal environment. These include materials discarded into the sea or on beaches; brought indirectly to the sea by rivers, sewage, storm water, or winds; accidently lost or deliberately discarded at sea; or deliberately left by people on beaches and shores.

Why should I participate in Dive Against Debris?

Because the underwater world needs your help. You will be contributing to a global effort to build a complete picture of the impacts of marine debris. The information you collect and report will help change local and regional waste policies. Also, removing debris during your Dive Against Debris makes the ocean cleaner, healthier and safer for marine life. More than 260 marine species are affected by marine debris. Sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, fishes, seabirds and many other animals ingest or get entangled in trash. As a result, marine debris kills many thousands of marine animals every year. Additionally, you can help educate your friends and colleagues about the issue of marine debris. The simple act of telling your family and friends about your Dive Against Debris will increase awareness of this issue and can help move us towards a world where we reduce, reuse and recycle to stop marine debris.

How will we be participating in Dive Against Debris?

Two Fish Divers will be supporting this Debris Month of Action in both locations; Bunaken and Lembeh by:
– Giving weekly presentations about marine debris
– Beach Clean-ups
– Underwater clean-ups
– Reporting of data for debris found during clean-up events

Of course the actual cleaning-up of trash and debris is very important, but the big drive from this is reporting the data from these clean-up events. By reporting the data we hope to have a better understanding of the impact of marine debris, and help to drive changes in how waste is managed both locally and globally.

images1 We all can contribute to protect our oceans!!

More info at Project Aware.

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