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10 Aug / 2012
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Swimming Pool in Bunaken ready for swimmingWe are really please to announce that our new swimming pool in Bunaken is now complete and ready for use!

We started it in Jan with the digging and transport of materials, and it was finally finished on 27 July. We had an official opening by the local village head and community leaders such as the village priest, and we invited all the workers to come and have a swim! Soon after this it was open to guests.

The pool is a very good size – 18m long and 10m at its sidest part – hey, if you are going to build a pool, why not make it a proper pool! Its also a purpose-built training pool – we do lots of PADI courses in Bunaken so we made the deepest part 3m so that it can be used for all courses from Open Water through to Instructor. It also allows us to run TEC try-it dives on twin tanks and rebreathers.

What went into building it? Here are some interesting facts:

  • we used 450 lengths of metal rods of various widths, totaling 1,8km, and 944 sacks of cement (they ran out of cement a few times in Manado which caused more delays!)
  • in order to pour the cement we had to close the resort for 2 days, and we had  2 x cement mixers running 24hours with 20 workers
  • it is tiled with 6,400 tiles, and we had to ship 400 boxes of tiles
  • we cannot use sand from Bunaken so we shipped 675 trucks of sand
  • as we are based on Bunaken, all the materials needed to be brought over from Manado, and we needed 166 boat trips over 5months, thats an average of 1 per day!
  • it took us 5 days to fill the pool, and then 3 days to clean the water to make it crystal clear!

How do we keep it clean? In order to keep the pool clean, we have installed 2 pumps, each with a sand filter. We also installed a salt chlorinator so that we can keep the chlorine level to a minimum, and we have a closed-system which means that any run-off is circulated back into the pool, thereby reducing water wastage.

Thanks to our guests! We want to thank all our guests that stayed with us during Jan-June 2012, as they put up with our “building site” during this period. Its all been worth it, and we will not forget you if you return to Bunaken!

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  • helen gomez 10 Aug 2012

    Looks Good! Finally it is in!!

  • Tarja 26 Aug 2012

    WOW ! I have heard about this plan and I am glad to see it is finally ready – congratulations Two Fish !

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