/// Helen’s Diary of her PADI Divemaster course in Bunaken and Lembeh

17 Sep / 2012
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We just had one of our Divemaster interns leave, Helen from Australia. She spent 4weeks with us in both Bunaken and Lembeh, and this is her diary.

Helen divemaster course in Bunaken and Lembeh

Week 1
First day of Divemaster Course and I’m amped!
Wake up to 2 fun dives – awesome!
That afternoon I sat down with my instructor and was given my Divemaster Pack, my eyes popped out of my head. I asked “will I finish all this in 4 weeks?” Answer – Yes. With a confident instructor and a well laid out timetable, its possible

Week 2
My eyes are square from reading and my head is pounding. My fabulous instructor takes me out for some well-deserved fun dives. This is what its all about, the enjoyment of diving and being able to share it and the knowledge!

Week 3
Assisting the instructor and being there for the student. Brushing up on all the skills we first learnt in our Open Water Course. Its harder than you think to be able to efficiently demonstrate skills and have someone complete the skill. With practice I can see the benefit and also start to get satisfaction.

Week 4
Its hard to believe its the last week! We have covered so much – watching, learning and being able to pass on knowledge – fantastic. Mapping – grrr, “you want me to map underwater! Really?” First attempt is average – Instructor: “I’m sending you out again to map more details!” I took a deep breath, asked for some advice and on returning to shore I was now happy and satisfied with the map I had produced. Suddenly it wasn’t a map that just said swim in that direction, it now had compass bearings!

The funniest thing that happened during my divemaster course was having to complete my last task, the Equipment Exchange which means exchanging mask, fins and BCD/reg with buddy underwater whilst buddy sharing one regulator. My equipment is all black and hot pink, and my buddy did look cute in the hot pink mask!

Helen’s advise – Challenge yourself – Do it!

Thanks Helen for all your help, and good luck! We run 4week and 6week PADI Divemaster Internships in Bunaken and Lembeh, as well as in our new resort in Lembongan (Bali). Check out our website for more information about our Divemaster programs.

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  • AJAY BABBAR 17 Sep 2012

    what r the min. no. of dives needed to do a divemasters course….can one do after 10-15 dives…..learning and diving at the same time to reach the requisite no..of dives that r finally required…

    • twofishdiversblog 18 Sep 2012

      Hi Ajay,
      You need to have 40 dives to start the DM course and 60 dives to finish. We have a 6week internship that is idea for you, it includes 5 x PADI Specialities (nitrox, deep, wreck, night and search & recovery) plus the DM course, over this time you will get the requisite number of dives.
      We run this 6week internship in all our locations of Bunaken, Lembeh and Bali.
      Email us if you need more information.

      • AJAY BABBAR 18 Sep 2012

        thanx for the reply………how r the conditions(weather) etc. in June.I had a rought time when doing my AWD in Phuket at that time of the year, on the andaman side.The water was rough, low visibility…but a very learning experience though….which evwry new diver has to face some day.Earlier i had done my OWD in Havelock(Andaman’s…indian side)..when the water is excellent in Nov-Mar.I propose to come to bali with family in June.What is your suggestion? And the cost???

      • twofishdiversblog 01 Oct 2012

        Hi Ajay, June is great in both Bali and Bunaken, as well as Lembeh. For costs & availability, please email us on info@twofishdivers.com.

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