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07 Sep / 2012
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Cuttlefish from east LembehKaren & Tom will be joining us in Lembeh for their 5th trip 4-11 November. Although they are keen muck-divers, they are dead keen to do some exploration diving as well. We are therefore opening an invitation to anyone else who also wants to join us!

We will be running normal diving during this time, but as Karen & Tom want to do as much exploration as possible, we will also be be running exploration trips almost every day!

The trips will be to Bangka Island and Batu Kapal dive sites to the North, and also Pulau Dua and some more of the dive sites on the South and East Coast of Lembeh.  All of these dive sites are good for both macro photography as well as wide-angle shooting, and offer a change of scenery from the dives inside the Lembeh Strait.

What can we expect from these dive sites?
We have explored Pulau Bangka on a number of trips before and we find amazing soft coral gardens full of colourful reef fish.  On the reefs you can find Moray Eels, Giant Frogfish, Nudibrachs and Octopus and passing by we have seen Devil Rays and Mata rays before, plus Bangka is a known site for spotting Dugongs!  Everyone comes back from this day trip amazed by the colour of the reefs.

Soft coral form east Lembeh and BangkaBatu Kapal is a site to the North of Lembeh where we can see strong currents, but these currents bring in schools of fish including Barracudas, Oriental Sweetlips and Jackfish, plus there’s the chance of seeing Tunas or sharks passing by in the blue!

The diving on East Lembeh is quite different compared to the diving inside the Straits, there are still some black sand beaches but there are also beautiful soft coral reefs, horseshoe bays and coral canyons, plus the island named “Pulau Dua” so called because it resembles two islands from a distance.  On the island there is a beautiful coral wall, sloping reefs and a white sandy bank providing a few different types of dive site.

Eagle ray from south LembehSouth Lembeh is really un-explored by us so we will be conducting some exploratory dives in this are too!  Who knows what we will find there??!!

How do these day trips work
We will be making these trips as full-day trips from our resort in Lembeh, and there will be supplements on top of the normal price of diving.

We normally leave at  at 7am, and have breakfast on the boat trip on the way to the dive site, with lunch after the first two morning dives.  Surface intervals will be taken on the boat and we provide water, tea, coffee and snacks as standard.   After three dives you will return to the resort between 4- 4:30pm to log your dives and check out your photos!  All of these trips are subject to good diving conditions with regard to weather, wind and waves.

How far away are the dive sites
Scorpion fish from BangkaBangka is around 2 hours away from the resort; Batu Kapal around one hour; South Lembeh is around 30 minutes and east Lembeh and Pulau Dua are around 45-60 minutes away.

What to do if you are interested in joining us
Just send us a normal enquiry email, stating that you are interested in the Lembeh exploration trips in November 2012, and we will contact you with details. Places are limited  by our accommodation limits!

Soft coral from Bangka

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  • Kat 07 Sep 2012

    I would so be keen if I was coming in November. How about some exploration in January?!

  • twofishdiversblog 08 Sep 2012

    Hi Kat, of course we can do some exploration in lembeh when you are here, we’ll talk then!!

    • Kat 08 Sep 2012

      Fantastic!! I’d really love to go to Bangka for a day plus some exploring. Can’t wait! :)

  • Anna 14 Sep 2012

    Landing in Makassar on the 7 nov. Making my way up north after visiting Tana Toraja, so I guess around the 12th (?) should be getting there. I’d love to receive some more info in case you planing any more of these trips for mid or end Nov. Cheers!

    • twofishdiversblog 14 Sep 2012

      Hi Anna,
      Our manager Dani will reply via email, I am sure that something can be fixed up when you are here!

      • Jacky 21 Sep 2012

        I will arrive on the 12th as well and interested in joining on a few trips if possible.

      • twofishdiversblog 22 Sep 2012

        Hi Jacky – excellent, thanks for your interest. We will plan to include you, and will talk more when you arrive. See you in Lembeh!!
        Regards – Nigel

  • Karen Kittrell Prideaux 30 Sep 2012

    I think that all of the sites in Lembeh Straits and Bunaken Marine Park are fabulous and different each and every day. I recommend multiple dives at different times of day to see all of the crazy creatures unique to this region, especially if you want to capture great photos or videos. With a biodiversity of 300,000+ species in this special section of the Coral Triangle aka the Celebes Sea, there are so many unexplored areas and diverse marine habitats around North Sulawesi, beyond our imagination. Life is short… so come diving with Two Fish Divers in November, to find new and undiscovered angles of diving. Oct/Nov is also cephalopod mating season where we have seen some incredible chromatophore displays night and day. Cannot wait to explore s’more!

    • twofishdiversblog 01 Oct 2012

      Thanks Karen!! Looking forward to some cold beers with you, and maybe even joining you on some of the exploration trips?!?
      Cheers – Nigel

  • Tining 07 Oct 2012

    Hello Two Fish Divers,
    I am interested in joining your exploration trips in November 2012. Can you fill me in with more information, please.
    Thank you :)


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