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07 Feb / 2013
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Week 2 of Divemaster Internship in Lembongan
Finally got all of the theory out of the way wich feels good. It gives me more time to focus on other stuff. Ive been learning the routines of the divecenter, every morning starts of by preparing the boat with gear, tanks, food ect. After that we go diving wich still is as awesome as the first day I got here. For example we did a dive at Manta point wich was amazing. Mantas everywhere! We even decided to do the second dive there.
I have also done some guiding this week wich went fine, there are some tweaks I need to do but that will be easy. The more I dive the more experience I get and I also get to know the divesites really good. As a result from that I also finished my mapping project of our divesite Crystal bay.
Since the last beach cleanup last week went so good (8 bags of plastic bottles, 8 bags of footwear,7 bags of miscellaneous, 6 bags of foam material,4 bags of cloth, 3 bags of glass, 2 bags of metal, 2 bags of straws)we decided to do a dive against debris reef cleanup. We had noticed on previous dives that the divesite Diantara was looking really bad so we decided to gather some people and go there. The dive was free for those who joined and we eventually left with seven divers on the boat. We collected 6 bags of garbage and brought up 6 tires, using smb’s as liftbags.
Good week, especially with the theory finished!
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