15 Feb / 2013
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Kris Divemasters course in Lembongan
Week 3 of Divemaster Internship in Lembongan
Third week has passed and things are great. I’m still amazed by the things you can see here – my friends from Sweden arrived yesterday, we went for two dives and on the second dive we saw a marbled stingray wich was insanely awesome. Their dive was also extra fun because I got to guide them!
Other stuff I’ve done this week includes: Doing skill circuits with Jason where I have to demonstrate the skills, guide Jason and his two friends, shadowing the other divemasters and doing the rescue scenario. The rescue scenario went really good and it got even better when suddenly a eagle ray swam by at 4m, pretty cool to see your first eagle ray on the rescue scenario!
kres divemaster course on lembonganI counted and sorted the stuff we brought up from the reef cleanup as well so now I just need to put the information on the Project AWARE website. Most of it was rice bags (around 20+) but we also brought up a bunch of tires, one of them was a big truck tire. Hopefully we can arrange a new reef cleanup in the near future.
My day off I spent with my friends just going around the island. We stopped at this spot where you can jump from cliffs wich are up to 13m. It’s really hard to take that step of the cliff but the time you are in the air and the feeling after the jump is really sweet. Then we went to see the sunset with some beers, perfect day!
My visa is running out and to extend it I have to fly to Singapore and stay for a night wich will be nice but I cant wait to get back and continue with the course.
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