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13 Feb / 2013
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TWO FISH DIVERS new company in Indonesdia for TEC DivingWe are pleased to announce that Two Fish Divers Indonesia and Blue label Diving Thailand have formed a new company for tec diving in Indonesia that will operated as a joint venture, and it will be called Blue Label Diving Indonesia (BLDI).

Blue Label Diving Thailand is the premier PADI/TDI facility for TEC Courses in Phuket, Thailand and was recently awarded a certificate by TDI for the best TEC Dive Center in Thailand for 2012. It is owned by Ben Reymenants, renowned cave diver/explorer and record-holder for deep diving on rebreathers, and his wife Simone Reymenants. They run the full range of TEC courses including Sidemount Diving, Solo Diving, Nitrox/Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Diving, Rebreather Diving, Trimix Diving, and Cave Diving.

Two Fish Divers already has a small TEC facility in Bunaken, and will be using Blue Label’s expertise to grow this facility, as well as establish TEC facilities in all three of our PADI 5 Star dive centers in Indonensia – Bunaken, Lembeh and Lembongan/Bali.

What is TEC Diving?

Broadly speaking, TEC diving can be grouped into Soft-TEC diving and Hard-TEC diving. Soft-TEC diving is only aimed at recreational divers and includes:

  • Sidemount Diving – having a tank on each side is a lot more stream-lined and comfortable, and the extra gas is ideal for photographers wanting to stay longer as well as those gas-guzzlers. Its also good for those with bad backs because the weight is distributed more evenly and you can easily put-on/take-off your gear in the water
  • Solo Diving – learn how to be self-reliant, perfect for those photographers who like to sit in one place for ages. It can also be combined with Sidemount Diving to give the extra gas!
  • Nitrox Diving – ideal for staying for longer at that ship-wreck, but is also used for added safety and less tiredness
  • Rebreather Diving – fish and underwater life are not scared away when you have no bubbles, so you can get up closer with that camera!

You do not need to be experienced divers for these soft-TEC courses/diving styles, they are for Open Water and Advanced divers who just want to dive a different way.

Its the hard-TEC diving that is for those who want to do more exploration-type diving, and includes:

  • Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Diving – using open circuit or rebreathers, this type of diving takes you beyond the recreational limits to 55/60m
  • Trimix Diving – using open circuit or rebreathers, you can add an extra gas to go deeper still, beyond the 75m level
  • Wreck and Cave Diving – using open circuit or rebreathers, with or without trimix, diving in overhead environments where few have been before – a bit like exploring mount everest!

BLDI will be offering all these courses and types of diving, initially at all three of the resorts of Two Fish Divers.

Very exciting!

“This is a very exciting venture.” says Nigel Thomas, General Manager of Two fish Divers. “TEC diving is a growing area, and Blue Labels’ marketing and TEC expertise will enable us to grow our TEC business. Blue Label has a respected name for quality, and is a perfect match with our own values and beliefs for teaching dive courses to the highest standard possible.”

Simone Reymenant, Marketing Manager of Blue Label, adds “Joining up with Two Fish Divers means that we can broaden our TEC business into a new market with a respectable operator, and provides our customers with new TEC diving opportunities. As quality is very important to us, we will be creating a TEC Internship program in Phuket for new TEC instructors to work in Indonesia, and we will be making regular visits to each facility.”

tec diving with Blue label diving indonesiaFor more information, please contact Simone@BlueLabelDiving.com or Nigel@TwoFishDivers.com.

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