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12 Feb / 2013
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Vote yes for sharks and raysTwo Fish Divers did a Shout for Sharks at each of its 3 locations – Bunaken, Lembeh and Lembongan/Bali. “We tried to do it on the same day but this proved difficult, but we did manage to get each location do it within 3 days of each other!!” says Tina, owner of Two Fish Divers.

This March, member countries to CITES – the world’s largest, most effective wildlife conservation agreement in existence – will vote on whether or not 11 species of sharks and rays receive protections from the devastating effects of international trade.

Two Fish Shouts for Sharks & Rays!! Before CITES leaders vote, they need to hear our voice. Two Fish Divers are helping this with their shout to protect these exceptionally vulnerable species while there’s still time.

We won’t have another opportunity like this for a few years. Sharks and rays can’t afford to wait. Here’s how you can help too:

1. Download the “Extinction is NOT an Option” sign (http://www.projectaware.org/resource/extinction-not-option-tell-cites-leaders-vote-yes), take a picture and post it to our Facebook wall of support.

2. Send a letter direct to CITES leaders urging them to vote “Yes” for sharks and rays (http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1712&ea.campaign.id=18104)

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