/// Coconut octopus in Lembeh

17 Mar / 2013
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coconut octpopus in lembeh 17MAR13.jpgTHIS WEEK IN LEMBEH……..Hui has been checking off his wish list. Octopus – Blue-Ring Octopus, Coconut Octopus, Long Armed Octopus, Mimic Octopus & Wonderpus. Check. Frogfish – Hairy, Painted, Giant & Warty. Check. Seahorses – Bargibanti, Denise, Severns & Pontohi. Check. He also saw Flamboyant cuttlefish, Tiger Shrimp, Bumblebee shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp, Candy crabs and lots of Nudibranch. Thanks for the photo Hui!

Find out more about diving in Lembeh with us.

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