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16 Mar / 2013
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Week 1 of Divemaster Internship in Bunaken

Another week done as a divemaster intern. Halfway there. Wow .. how much I’ve learned! I spent time with instructor Dion in a Rescue Diver course, and was happy to both observe the skills and get some practice and refresher myself. We worked in both the confined environment of the swimming pool and then took it all to the open water and performed the skills there. There were instructional deep dives, drift dives, navigation dives, and even managed a little fun diving :-)

There’s a moment on the boat when you realize that it’s time for your very first dive briefing. Prep prep and prep really help out. I asked a few of the dive guides about the dive site and marine life, referred to the PADI slate about structure, and found that things fell into place. The guests, guides and crew on the boat know it’s your first briefing and I was happy to hear some clapping and a cheer or two when it was over. It’s a supportive crowd.

Ah, mealtime is a happy time at Two Fish. Lunch follows the morning dives, so there’s the post-underwater euphoria combined with tasty meals (love the tofu and tempeh!) Did I read somewhere in one of the manuals that you’re not supposed to load up your belly before an afternoon dive?

As I get to know guests who are around for a week or more, I find dinnertime a great time for bonding with new friends. The diving and training are finished for the day and that brings an extra helping of relaxation to the dinner table. From Sweden, to Florida, to Holland, Australia, Russia, Malaysia and England, getting to know people here is getting to know and understanding the world a little bit better.

Guiding and supervising divers on fun dives is the core of what many divemasters do, and the second week is when that kicked in for me. I approached the first experience with less apprehension than I had expected. Down, and along the wall, glancing ahead to seek, behind to monitor, and somewhere around 20 meters, out in front, the leader — a sense of achievement washed over me: wow .. I wasn’t experienced or even that comfortable with it, but I was doing it. I showed up. I was doing the work.

And, speaking of work … Gotta run. Some empty tanks coming in from the boat.

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