21 Mar / 2013
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John divemaster intern in BunakenWeek 3 of Divemaster Internship in Bunaken

Week 3 is when the training routine felt completely like normal life. It’s exactly what I wanted to be doing, what I SHOULD be doing. I liked the feeling of familiarity — with the various jobs to be done, with the people, the schedule, the skills.

I got a crash course in compressor operation from Dolfi, worked on my mapping project (not easy!), did another night dive, and working with and assisting instructor Mesak and open water student Dominic was a real thrill. I felt like I added something worthwhile to Dominic’s experience, and I could mostly answer his questions. We became dive buddies, open water student and divemaster candidate. Dominic got his open water certification and I was proud of him.

divemaster internship on bunakenI made a point to learn all the names of the staff (okay, they have their names printed on their shirts .. but shirt or no shirt I wanted to be familiar and friendly with them.) We work well together, supporting each other, them showing me things, and me wondering how I can ever return the favors. Rolly, Ronald, Murry, John, Rendy, Leo, Ifan, Anton, Andi, Heskiel, Candra, Jemmi, Epen, Hanok .. the list goes on and on of the good-spirited people I was working with.

My guiding skills and experience notched up a bit. Dion, my instructor, put together a simulation that had me guide a group of mixed-experience divers, pre-arranging with them how they were going to scatter like cats and create moments of drama during the dive. I think I handled it okay.

Week 3 finished and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But will I ever be able to find a pygmy seahorse in a gorgonian fan?

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divemaster internship in bunaken


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