28 Mar / 2013
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John divemaster intern in BunakenWeek 4 of Divemaster Internship in Bunaken

Week 4 is when the mixed feelings came on pretty strong: ‘wow, I’m almost finished!’ mixed with, ‘this full-on immersion into Two Fish and DM life is going to end sometime soon, very soon.’

In a short period there were final assessments coming right at me: the timed tired diver tow (I got 5 points!), an unresponsive diver surface rescue skill, and the sometimes-feared “equipment swap.” My buddy Murry was a part of each one of these and I was happy for his skill and calmness, especially while Instructor Dion played some kind of “freeflow fun” shenanigans all around us during the gear swap. It was a good task-loading exercise and I think we executed pretty well.

discover scuba diving in BunakenAs mid-week approached, I was mentally going through the DM course checklist realizing that there just wasn’t that much remaining to do. Three Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) students showed up from Hong Kong and really impressed me in the open water on their first dive (after a shaky start in the pool). I learn a lot while assisting instructors with students, and it gives me an up-close and personal view of some slices of the instructor’s job. Also, students often opened up to me with concerns and questions, and good joking too. It was a rewarding and enriching part of the job that I liked a lot. I was having trouble finding parts of the job that I didn’t like.

And then one afternoon, taking about 7 seconds, Yosep opened up the stages of the regulator into about 700 pieces. Okay, wouldn’t want to do that every day, but seeing and learning what’s inside, what needs periodic servicing — of that most critical piece of dive gear — it was a very valuable session. I respected the gear maintenance guys even more after that.

With a little bit of fun diving, some more coaching and advice from Instructors Dion and Mesak, a bunch of hours cramming for the final written test — dive theory, and that chapter is way too long! — and there I was, walking down to the water’s edge with Dion just after receiving my score on the exam, a handshake and congratulations; relief and elation. And of course Dion waving off my questions about why one would need a snorkel at the bar 😉

It takes a village; it takes a lot of people in the Two Fish community helping you and supporting you, guiding you; and you pitching in, in earnest, giving it your best shot, working towards a goal. I’ve enjoyed the process; thanks for that.

Like many conclusions, the end is a beginning — a new certification, entry into the professional community of divers, new job possibilities, new confidence, more time in the sea. I think I’ll giant stride right into it.

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