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04 Mar / 2013
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Sarah Divemaster internshipWeek 4 of Eco Divemaster Internship now in Bunaken

What an eventful week this last week of my Eco Divemaster Internship has been!

The week began with assisting my instructor Dion on Eli’s Junior Open Water course. This was my first experience assisting on a whole Open Water course and it was very rewarding. I will never forget Eli’s first time under water. He was a bit stressed at the surface from salt water getting in his eyes but as soon as we pointed out a turtle swimming past he completely relaxed. For the rest of the dive every so often I could hear a muffled “wow” coming out of his regulator.

This week I was also lucky enough to join in on a day trip to one of the other islands around Bunaken. Our first dive site was about an hour and a half boat ride, Barracuda Point. Kres our dive guide was on a mission to find a school of barracuda so there was no time for dawdling! After admitting defeat on finding the barracuda, Kres and I finally surfaced. As we popped our heads up the boat crew began yelling at us that the barracuda were over there, so after a quick tow behind the boat we went back down to 5m to have a look. Even if we hadn’t had seen the barracuda I really really really enjoyed this dive. It felt like we were on the tip of the deep ocean.

On the way to the last dive of our day trip the crew spotted dolphins over 1km away (I don’t understand how that is humanly possible). We got there to find thousands of spinner dolphins feeding amongst the fishing boats. It took us three goes of getting in the water to eventually see them beneath us. About 50 dolphins were 10-15m below us. It was so amazing listening and watching them for the sort time they were there. I will never forget this day.

Now at the end of the week I should have officially completed my dive master internship, but unfortunately I got an ear infection before I could complete my equipment exchange assessment. So I’m back in Lembeh waiting for my ear to get better before I can officially call myself a divemaster.

I have had such an amazing time during the 4 weeks of doing my divemaster with Two Fish. All the staff continuously have smiles on their faces and make you feel like you’re part of their family. I am defiantly going to be another one of the numerous return guests to the Two Fish Resorts and highly recommend it to anyone looking to do their divemasters or simply for a holiday you will never forget!

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  • Fairy God mother 04 Mar 2013

    What a fabulous time you have had and I can’t imagine anywhere better for you to do your divermaster qualification. Well done beautiful. Lots of love. xxx

  • Farsher 05 Mar 2013

    Congratulations Sarah – see you soon, F.

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