20 May / 2013
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Divemaster trainees Joep & SylvieEver thought of becoming a DM and dreaming of a dive-center in a location that has tropical beaches and waving palms? We have, actually we have many times… Thinking of places like Maldives, Fiji, Palau and other exotic destinations. You might ask: “how the hell did you end up in the harbor of Bitung”?

This is a long, complicated and above-all boring story that we can summarize in a simple statement: the creepy crawling creatures .

So here we are, day 2 of our DMT, straight after our rescue course where we saved >30 lives of one very stubborn diver that kept on getting into big trouble and almost drowned on the last day, were it not for our great search and recovery skills…

Besides discovering more beautiful Lembeh creatures, we hope to learn some new skills in the coming weeks and slowly making our way through all the DM requirements. So far we are trying to get the theory out of the way in order to march through to the practical skills and training in the water (getting wet is clearly what we focus on ).

Today we have been mapping quite a large part of the house-reef. That is, after we finally managed to properly follow our plan to mark the designated area to map… We did not realize how difficult it is to swim in a straight line without current and with a compass, maybe it is not and it is just us. Anyway, there are some very nice patches of coral out there. Two Fish wants to map the entire house reef to create a clear and detailed house-reef-map and be able to explain guests how to navigate the house-reef when they go diving unguided.

In about a weeks’ time we will have a bit more to share with you on our adventures in the Lembeh Straits.

Sylvie and Joep

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