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01 May / 2013
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boxer crab bunaken 01MAY13THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN……..we have been having a Seahorse week with both variety and abundance! We have seen Pontohi, Severns and Denise Pygmy Seahorses. We have also seen Candy, Boxer and Orangutang crabs, Leaf Scorpion fish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Coral Shrimps, Black & White Tip Reef sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, Tuna, Barracuda, Giant Moray, Nudis including a Bullocki and of course Turtles.

We also welcome Azzura, who started her Dive master course this week and she joins Reto, who after a bit of an ear problem, is back in the water. He’s so happy! A big thanks to Tom for this photo of a Boxer Crab.

Find out more about diving in Bunaken with us.

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