04 Jun / 2013
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We are back for a second up-date on our DM adventure that started 2-3 weeks ago. Time is flying by as our days are filled and quite varied, from following guides, to practicing skills in 2 meters of water, to watching the good old Open Water videos (that has been a while…).

We managed to finalize our theory which feels quite good, the last standing scary obstacle is the big exam… With all that new knowledge stick in our brains or will it wash away after a couple of days diving? With all the knowledge reviews and discussions we’ve had along the way we’re quite confident about the upcoming exam.

Demonstrating the underwater skills makes you feel a bit like a Pantomime who is trying to imitate some of the largest objects in the world. Large, slow arm movements to ensure that anyone is able to follow and understand what you’re showing. The motto is basically if you don’t feel as if your movements are ridiculously large, you’re not doing it right.

While we are progressing quite quickly on our Dive Master required skills and assessments, we also get to see what Lembeh Strait is all about. Despite it is our third time here, we have not been bored on a single dive. Almost every time there is something we haven’t seen before or we are seeing juveniles that were simply not there last times due to the season.

At the start of this blog we mentioned that we follow the guides sometime. As we are starting to spot more and more critters by ourselves, our admiration for the guides here increases as well. That might sound strange, but the fact that we can finally start finding some of the medium and larger critters by ourselves makes us think of all the incredibly tiny critters the guides here find. How do they do it? What is their secret?

We will try to unravel their secret in the coming week(s) and if we’ll find their secret, we’ll consider sharing it with you.

Sylvie and Joep


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