15 Jul / 2013
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Karoline Divemaster InternThis was an exciting week with lots of work. I finally know my way around and know what I’m supposed to do (at least most of the time). I was able to join Heskiel one of our staff on his first open water dive, what a treat, he showed me about 3 nudibranches. I went on two or three more dives with him and he does have good eyes, always showing me all kinds of stuff.

I assisted Mesak on Jessicas Advanced Open Water dives and with Dion I assisted in Kaceys Advanced Open Water course. On other days we just went to the pool to practice the skills or rescue some unresponsive diver (they all survived by the way). Always very busy.

On Saturday we went to the Bunaken Jetty to clean up the area. Staff and guests from Two Fish were joined by locals who helped us collect 199 kg of debris in just 45 minutes. It was great to see so many people working hand in hand to keep the reefs around Bunaken as clean as possible. I think it is a big responsibility to support dive site clean-ups even if only being here for a short time. So please if you find plastic or any other trash on one of your dives go ahead and take it out of the water.

Ok, that was it for this week, back to work :-)

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