20 Jul / 2013
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Theresia in ManadoToday I am with Two Fish for 2 months. Time passed by really fast and it seems like I have just arrived. Another exciting week in Lembeh. Lewis and I have placed the pyramid we have made and so extended the creation of the artificial house reef. It was rather difficult as the floating wood wanted to go back to the surface until we finally attached it to the concrete block we have placed on 15 m already the week before. It looks quite nice and some fish already started checking out our new creations. A Goby already made the pipe structure made by Sylvie and Joep his new home. The next day we went down again to measure the site and amend the map of the reef creation.

We have also arranged a reef clean up in front of one of the villages about 10 min by boat from Two Fish as mentioned last week. Most of the guests joined us and together with the guides we were 19 people to collect garbage. In total we were able to collect 73.5 kg of garbage out of which most of it was plastic. Some of the guides joining said that it was already much cleaner than during a clean up dive before. So it seems there is some progress to it.

The last skills I had to complete for my DMT turned out to be quite challenging and quite an entertainment for others. A snorkelling tour with Lewis, Caroline and Sandy, one of the guides turned out to be an exhausting and complicated challenge. With one of them swimming half way to the mainland, one snorkelling like a dolphin and therefore continuously flooding the snorkel and one person not being able to swim, panicking and almost drowning during one of the staged scenarios. The highlight was probably the equipment exchange where Lewis and I had to exchange masks, fins and BCD’s while breathing from one regulator. We finally did it and we were happy to succeed.

So the last task of my DMT was the second part of the exam. The day before yesterday after a final review I was finally done with it and Caroline and I could go on a relaxed dive along the house reef and check out the progress of the artificial reef. On the way back to the resort we saw a huge lizardfish that was probably around 30 to 40 cm long and sat there watching us passing by. The evening was entertainment to all the people as I was literally forced to do the snorkel test. I won’t tell details but getting up yesterday morning was not easy. :-) Yesterday was Manado-Day. After an exciting appointment at immigration Caroline and I went to a shopping mall strolling through the luxury of all the things available and taking hand-stand pictures of Caroline in the whole supermarket. Great amusement.

Today was fun diving day and again some great dives. After a 2 days of resting I have time to concentrate on the Trimix gas blender exam.

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