16 Aug / 2013
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Sylvia Divemaster TraineeIn the last week of my course I found time to relax a bit and mix “business with pleasure”.  I made a creation to put into the artificial house reef and sunk it.

I particularly liked the scuba review: all of a sudden you’re the one that’s  teaching skills to others. Realising this put a smile on my face and I had a great time doing it.

Other requirements I met this week:
Diver rescue assessment: I found Theresia in the first leg of my U-patern.
Dive briefing: I did a few of those and I needed less time to prepare every time.
Deep dive scenario: I did this  on Mawali wreck, where we saw two giant barracuda’s and had a bit of a drift on top of the wreck. A very nice dive.
Snorkelling supervision: a bit of a chaos, but I got all 4 guests back safely and they had a nice time. If only Theresia had wanted to wear that awfully looking bright orange life vest. That would have made my life a lot easier.
Discover local diving on the House reef: we saw a peculiar kind of sea fan and admired Imi’s contribution. Getting it down there the day before took quite the effort: it required 6 people.

I finished off with guiding certified divers. Fenly found a nice dive site for me: Aer Bajo. A regular muck-site….. I managed to show my guest a couple of garden eels, lion fish, a flying gurnard and a fingered dragonet. Not the most exciting dive, but I got the job done. Afterwards I jumped off the roof of the boat, celebrating.

The only test I had left after that, took place that night. The snorkel test.

Now I’m a divemaster.

A lot of people helped me get there and I want to thank them for it:
First of all: all of the staff of Lembeh and Bunaken and my open water students Ana and Natalie.

I want to thank Theresia for helping out as a guest on some of the dives and Caroline for some very nice conversations and off course the yin yoga. Thank you both also for coming out to the house reef to help me practice my dive skills. And Imi and Bas for being fellow DMT’s and practice buddies.

Special thanks to Dani, Matt and Dion for sharing your knowledge and skills with me and for being as patient as you were.

I’ll be back in Lembeh in December with a new certification card.

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