22 Aug / 2013
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Bas Divemaster TraineeAfter stepping on the boat and saying goodbye to Bunaken, I started my little trip towards Lembeh.

After a short boat ride and a two hour drive by car I arrived at the harbour. Where i could see the boat that was to pick me up in the distance. In my imagination was the distance to Lembeh much greater but it took around 10 minutes to get from the one side to the other. 

The best thing was I was just in time for lunch SCORE. During lunch I met some people that where also on Bunaken. One of them was Marko the tec instructor, he told me we were going to do an intro to tec diving in the afternoon.

So after settling my bags in my room I met up with Marko in the café and looked at a presentation together. After that we set up our gear (sidemount) and did a really nice dive on house reef. We even saw a dwarf cuttlefish. After coming up I was really exited about the dive and definitely want to continue with it in the future.

I have been here now for almost 3 days and in one word its just awesome. The people are so friendly and the diving is amazing. I’m so glad i’m spending my last 2 weeks here!

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