12 Oct / 2013
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Luc Divemaster TraineeSkill circuit done, assisting Open Water course from A to Z done, guiding certified divers done, things went good this week. Still need to do my laundry…

What is still on the way? Have to Finish Night Dive specialty, Deep dive specialty, assisting Advanced OW course (soon!), and snorkelers… (A big group from C…. is coming soon, will be fun…).
Ah yeah, some swimming skills tomorrow morning.

After assisting few courses with different Instructors, I start to understand what is expected from a Dive Master. Even if the conditions in Bunaken are already ideal for beginners (big swimming pool with different depth levels, dive sites with almost no current), it is still important for a DM to develop some extra  skills like being able to communicate with the students and make them feel safe. Add some details from your experience in complement of the Instructor briefing, talk with them after the course and re-explain if this or this point isn’t clear, also try to release some of the pressure some of the students put on themselves.

Another good thing about doing my DM in Bunaken is  that it gives me the opportunity  to be in contact with students from everywhere: Asian, European, North and South American (I still wait to teach the Nigeria  Prime Minister’s daughter but…).

PS: Food is still awesome.

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