02 Dec / 2013
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Steven Ingersoll Divemaster TraineeFrom Lembeh to Bunaken, my DMT course has been wonderful.

Dani started off my course in Lembeh with Search and Recovery as well as Wreck Diving, two of the included specialties. Search and Recovery was as it sounds, but Wreck Diving was like no other diving I have ever experienced. 

The Mawali Wreck is nothing short of incredible. The wreck is deep, around 30 meters; it tempts one to surpass the no decompression limit.  Picture a 90m long, 10m wide cargo ship on its side, wrapped with beautiful coral, thousands of tropical fish and other critters, such as its resident broadclub cuttlefish and vibrant nudibranch.  Beyond my specialties, Lembeh was awe inspiring, not because of abundant coral, but because of the incredibly strange creatures. I will always have a place in my heart for great muck diving.  Mmmmm, black sand!

After a week in Lembeh, my course has brought me to the smaller, yet still incredibly gorgeous, island of Bunaken.  Here is where I have gotten into the real meat of my journey.  Initially, I had to complete my Rescue Diver course with Mesak before I was allowed to delve into my Divemaster training with Dion.  Since I have started, I have assisted certifying my friend from home, Clint, with his Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses.  Over the next seventeen days, I will continue blogging about my adventures.  I am ready for even more good times!

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