23 Dec / 2013
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Steven Ingersoll Divemaster TraineeIt is surreal that my time as a DMT in Bunaken has finally come to an end. My experience here was exceptional, in and out of the classroom.

Dion, my fantastic instructor, always had a smile on his face and finds ways to entertain in the classroom. The internship work wasn’t easy, but after my courses were finished I was pleased to see what I accomplished. Part of the satisfaction was the challenge.

Most days I had a busy schedule, though there was still plenty of time throughout to explore the island and make new friends.  One of the best parts of the trip was meeting awesome people from all parts of the world.  It was a treat to unwind at the end of the day and have a conversation with divers from across the globe.

Because of the biodiversity, there is something new and interesting to see each moment underwater.  All of the dives were special but one of the greatest moments was when the clip to my fin broke during a vigorous pursuit of a whale shark.  This happened at Lekuan 1 while taking an intro to tech rebreather class with Hiro. It was a privilege to spend a whole month diving in the crystal clear waters of Bunaken Marine Park.

Leaving such a beautiful place behind is difficult. I will surely come back.  I left with nothing but positive memories.  The people I met and the experiences I had were incredible.  My time in Bunaken has given me a sense of confidence that will reach far beyond the world of diving.  The greatest part of my adventure was seeing the world for myself.  It feels good to finally be a Divemaster!  What’s next? Life is just one big surface interval.

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