/// A Dugong dropped by to say hello in Bunaken and the Lacy Rhinopias is back in Lembeh

14 Jan / 2014
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moray and shrimp 07JAN14

Weekly Summary #7, Jan 2014

Welcome to our weekly round-up. Last week we had some very unusual stormy wind but the weather seems to have returned to its normal sunny self. We hope that the weather is good for you wherever you may be.



* In the Critter Corner, Last week we had 10 Ambon scorpionfish on one dive in Lembeh, but what are they?
* In the Tec Corner, Get married the TEC way at 130m deep – How deep is your love?
* In the Conservation Corner, we highlight the plight of those who are trying to Stop the Western Australia Shark Cull
* In Something new, we explore Sidemount Diving – did you know that the first course only costs Eu140?

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Weekly diving round-up

A Dugong dropped by to say hello in Bunaken, the Lacy Rhinopias is back in Lembeh with a stunning red colour, and the loverly Peacock Mantis shrimp was spotted at Manta Bay in Lembongan!

Happy diving!

Regards from the Two Fish team

This week in Lembongan, Bali

mantis shrimp 8JAN14It’s technically rainy season but apart from a brief downpour at Manta Point it’s been mostly sunny which makes the underwater world so much more colourful!

We found the manta (naturally) but also another Bamboo shark and a Day Octopus on that dive, but we continue on with the interesting nudibranch sightings. Last week we posted that we’d seen some that nobody knew what they were – well today at Toyapakeh we found one that is actually listed in the Reef Guide as “undescribed” – which means even the experts don’t know what it is!

Our new DMT Stefan has arrived and is busy getting used to the “interesting” currents around Lembongan, and we welcome back Jack and Barbara who have been diving the region for many years.

In the last few days other sightings have included Spiny Lobsters, a giant white-spotted Hermit crab at Crystal Bay, frogfish at Buyuk, and one of everybody’s favourites, the Peacock Mantis shrimp at Manta Bay (along with the Manta, of course!) A great first week to 2014!

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This week in Lembeh

LACY SCORPIONFISH 11JAN13Exciting encounters like mating Blue-ring octopus, mating flounders and flounder attacking octopus. Looks like we are in mating season since many species are seen in pair. Which mating specie would you like to encounter?

Wow! Lacy Rhainopias is back! It’s stunning red colour! Thanks to Luis for nice photo. Many more of wonderful critters are wanting to be spotted. Join us for the critter hunt!

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This week in Bunaken

moray and shrimp 07JAN14Even the Morays are sprucing up for the New Year and a Dugong has dropped by to say hello. Ben, who has been coming to Bunaken for 10 years and his son Keno who was only on his 30th dive were amazed when they got a special New Year greeting from a Dugong, who hung out with them for a few minutes, before a flip of it’s powerful tail and in a blink it was gone.

Another treat was the Hairy Halimeda Ghost Pipefish.

We have also seem White & Black Tip Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Bumphead Parrot fish, Leaf Scorpion fish both white and brown, Orang Utan & Candy Crabs, Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses, Cleaner, Banded Boxer and Marble Shrimps.

Thanks to Luis and Paula for the photo! I asked them them what their highlight was from the diving so far and their favourite was the Orang Utan crabs of which they have seen few.

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Critter Corner

Just what are Ambon Scorpionfish?

Ambon scorpionfishLast week we had 10 Ambon scorpionfish on one dive in Lembeh, but what are they?

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TEC Corner

Get married the TEC way at 130m deep – How deep is your love?

deep diving wedding logo

TEC Instructors Hiro and Sandy are tekkies in Blue Label Diving Indonesia and are based in Bunaken, Indonesia.

They love TEC so much that they actually got married at depth of 130 meters. Not only that, they actually exchanged vows, rings and a kiss at 130 meters underwater in a cave in Thailand and set a Guinness World Record for the deepest wedding!

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Conservation Corner

Stop the Western Australia Shark Cull

beach protest stop WA shark cull

Not sure if you have been aware, but Western Australia government have announced that they want to cull their sharks by installing baited hooks off Perth’s popular beaches in response to seven fatal shark attacks in three years.

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Something new

Sidemount Diving

Sidemount divingOne of the most important TEC services that is provided to guests is Sidemount Diving – providing courses and diving for recreational use to 40m as well as services for more deeper diving to 100m-plus.

When you visit us, you may be interested in our FREE weekly Intro to Tec that we hold at our resorts, or the 2-day/3dive Sidemount Course for only Eu140 (supplement on top of normal accomm/dive package) – and during Jan-Mar 2014 we are running our TEC Promo that gives you 20% discount on all our TEC courses!!

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