/// Just what are Ambon scorpionfish?

09 Jan / 2014
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Last week we had 10 Ambon scorpionfish on one dive in Lembeh, but what are they?

The Ambon scorpionfish is only 6-12cm long, it is shaggy, and the most distinguishing feature is the large growths above eyes, making them look a bit like Fu-Manchu!

They have poisonous spikes on their back that they raise when threatened. The spikes are on the back, head, and around the eyes, and supposedly can cause death.

Their colour actually varies to match their environment. They can be red, brown or green and it is suspected that this relates to the algae types found in the surrounding habitat.

Ambon scorpionfish – masters of disquise

Their colour gives them an ideal camouflage. It is an ambush predator, using its camouflage to wait for some prey to come close in front of itself, and then lunging forward and inhaling the prey.

Here’s a great video of a feeding Ambon Scorpionfish.

More pictures of the hairy guys found in Lembeh.

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