/// Blue ribbon eels in Lembongan and Purple Halimeda Ghost Pipefish in Bunaken

21 Jan / 2014
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cuttlefish in Lembeh 19JAN14Weekly Summary #8, Jan 2014

Welcome to our weekly round-up. Famous last words last week after saying that the weather was getting better, Manado got hit by a huge storm that produced some floods and landslides that were pretty devastating. Despite that we had some good diving as long as we were careful with the dive sites, and we hope for Manado’s sake that the weather outlook will be better.



  • In the Whats New, we explain about our new 3-dive per day and 4-dive per day accomm/dive packages in Bunaken and Lembeh
  • In the Travel Corner, we give you news about the Silkair dive destinations discount to Bunaken and Lembeh
  • In the Conservation Corner, we explain what all the fuss is about the Western Australian shark cull.

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Weekly diving round-up

Something special this week in Bunaken was a Halimeda Ghost Pipefish which was purple in colour! In Lembeh even the huge storm could not deter the critters, and we’ve seen the brilliantly blue ribbon eels in Lembongan!

Happy diving!

Regards from the Two Fish team

This week in Lembongan, Bali

scorpionfish lembongan 15jan14It’s been very quiet on the island, which means that the diving has been free of the large groups that accumulate at Crystal Bay and Manta Point over the high season!

Already the first mola-mola of the season has been sighted, and divers have been able to enjoy the reefs without other people getting in the way. We’ve seen the brilliantly blue ribbon eels appearing all over the North shore, especially at Toyapakeh and PED, and a very cool customer – an Orang-Utan crab at Sental.

One of the highlights, however, has to be the strange and unusual Spiny Devilfish, a pair of which were found deep in the sand at Crystal Bay. Unfortunately, nobody had a camera, so instead we have a picture of the resident Leaf Scorpionfish!

Later in the week we will say goodbye to Stefan, our DMT, who’ll be off to Bunaken for some fun and games with the crew up there (and some sharks, hopefully!)

Don’t forget about our Buddy promo deal; bring along a friend and make the most of the quiet times on the island!

View our website about Diving Lembongan

This week in Lembeh

cuttlefish in Lembeh 19JAN14The weather has greatly improved over the past few days, but even a huge storm could not deter the critters of the Lembeh Strait! This week was once again action-packed with Harlequin, Hairy and Tiger Shrimp, Blue Ringed Octopus, Wunderpus, Hairy Octopus, Boxer Crabs, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Hairy, Warty and Giant Frogfish, Ambon Scorpionfish, Candy Crabs and Robust Ghost Pipefish!

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This week in Bunaken

filefish in Bunaken 14JAN14We have been having some amazing visibility of more than 30 metres. This is despite the fact that we have more rain and wind this week. All the better to see the the beautiful coral drop off and the amazingly large turtles. Our guests have have also had the pleasure of being entertainer by Dolphins while on the boat.

Something special this week was a Halimeda Ghost Pipefish which was purple in colour. Amazing!

There is still some sprucing up going on as divers watched a large barracuda getting cleaned. Then returning past the same piece of reef later in the dive, the Barracuda had moved to a second cleaning station. A very clean Barracuda!

We have also seen, Black & White Tip Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Yellow Fin Tuna, Napoleon Wrasse and Giant Trevallies.

On the smaller side, we have seen both Robust, Halimeda and Oranate Ghost Pipefish, Candy, Orang Utan & Coral crabs, Pink Squat Lobsters and lots of Nudis & Shrimps.

Leaf Scorpion Fish? Which colour do you like? We saw Yellow, Brown and White this week!

Catherine is visiting Bunaken for the first time with her husband Phil. As relative new divers at first she admitted that she was a little nervous on those big walls, but a week on and after a few tips from her dive guide, she feels like a different diver as she hovers off the wall surrounded by fish!

Andre, thanks for the photo of the Scrawled Filefish. Lovely shot and this is only your first week with your new camera.

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Whats New?

New diving packages for 2014 in Bunaken and Lembeh

Prices-and-packages 2014At the beginning of 2014 we published our new packages, and we are now including 3-dive per day and 4-dive per day accomm/dive packages in both Bunaken and Lembeh.

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Travel Corner

Silkair dive destinations discount to Bunaken and Lembeh

silkair promo 9JAN14Here is some good news if you want to visit us from now until end of May, the SilkAir Dive Destinations Discount to Bunaken and Lembeh, but you need to book by end of January.

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Conservation Corner

Whats fuss all the fuss about the Western Australian shark cull?

More than 200 protesters took their call for the Western Australian State Government to abandon its shark catch-and-kill policy to the Premier’s door yesterday, demonstrating outside his West Perth office.

Why all the fuss? In an open letter to an online newspaper, one of the organisers of the recent demonstration at Perth’s Cottesloe beach, explains.

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