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10 Jan / 2014
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Sidemount-Top-ViewIn Feb 2013, Two Fish Divers contracted with Blue Label Diving, a premier PADI/TDI facility for TEC Courses and diving, to run all TEC Diving services at Two Fish Divers locations, under the name Blue Label Diving Indonesia (BLDI).

One of the most important service that BLDI provides is Sidemount Diving – providing courses and diving for recreational use to 40m as well as services for more deeper diving to 100m-plus. When you visit us, you may be interested in our FREE weekly Intro to Tec that we hold at our resorts, or the 2-day/3dive Sidemount Course for only Eu140 (supplement on top of normal accomm/dive package) – and during Jan-Mar 2014 we are running our TEC Promo that gives you 20% discount on all our TEC courses!!

But what is Blue Label Diving and why is is special?

Blue Label Philosophy

Blue Label Diving Indonesia (BLDI) is both a PADI TECREC center and TDI dive center and dedicated to providing quality PADI & TDI Technical Diving Courses in Indonesia, Technical Diving in Indonesia, and Technical Expeditions to all corners of Indonesia. It focuses on the Megalodon and Poseidon MKVI rebreathers, OMS twinset wings, and Dive Rite & Hollis sidemount systems.

Technical divers have a reputation of being massive, hardcore and tough guys that did their courses through military like training. Yes it used to be this way but we believe that whats important in tech diving is the extensive and high level of professionalism and safety. This is what makes a good Tech Diver. “We want our customers to get the best, safest and most professional Tech Training available and become part of the Blue Label family”.

Sidemount Diving – a new configuration

women in sidemount
sidemount diving
Find a new and different way to configure your cylinders in the PADI Sidemount Diver course. Sidemount diving offers:

  • an alternative way to streamline in the water
  • easier equipment transportation when topside
  • reduced lower back strain
  • redundant gas supply
  • ability to monitor all equipment because it’s in front of you
  • increased gas supply for longer dives

Sidemount Courses – there are two courses:

  1. The Sidemount Course introduces you to the configuration of sidemount over 2 days. The price is only Eu140 supplement on top of your accomm/dive package, this includes a pool training session, 3 dives on sidemount with the instructor, equipment rental and certification. You don’t need to be super tec already, just an Open Water diver and at least 15 years old!
  2. Tec Sidemount offers the same benefits as the PADI Sidemount Diver course but gives you the opportunity to dive with up to four cylinders for extended dive times and depths. The course is just 1 day longer than the basic Sidemount course, and teaches you to handle multiples tanks, diving to the level of your certification. The Tec Sidemount Diver course is a great way to start with technical diving because the skills you learn in this course will train you to handle multiple cylinders on a single dive.

Sidemount Diving – at both Bunaken & Lembeh, our dive guides are used to looking after sidemount divers that dive recreational profiles. If you want to do some Tec Sidemount, we have TEC Instructors that can buddy sidemount divers on extended trimix dives to 100m and beyond.

Introduction to tec diving

Not sure whether Sidemount diving is for you? We run FREE Intro to TEC at our resorts in Bunaken and Lembeh where guests can try sidemount, twin sets and rebreathers.

Check out this video of a TEC INTRO that we ran at Atlantis Dive Center, Sanur, Bali. Over 2 days, BLDI “introduced” more than 30divers to sidemount diving and Poseiden MK6 rebreathers. Great fun!!


Find out more about Sidemount diving and tec diving with Blue Label Diving Indonesia with Two Fish Divers.

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