17 Mar / 2014
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Simon Divemaster TraineeWow, another week has sped by in a blur!!! I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly and I feel that I still have sooooo much more to do!!

I managed to do the 800 metre snorkel test in a tiring 15:19 minutes, earning a four out of five which I was very happy about, particularly as the sea was a bit choppy!! I felt more sorry for my instructor Sandy and one of the staff members who where positioned 100 metres apart as a guide for me. They spent the whole 15 minutes trying to stay above the waves and in one place!! Think they were more tired than me at the end of it. After that the pace slowed down as I did the 15 minute treading water/ floating which was very zen!! :)

I also got to run through the rescue scenario and then met my new instructor Dion who is taking over while Sandy is over on Lembeh this week. He took me through another skills practice but it was like a throw-back to my driving test!! I so wanted to impress him that I completely stuffed it up!! He was very nice about it though.

Also squeezed in this week was my deep dive, assisting an instructor in a mock up of confined water dives and open water dives for an open water course, leading a dive for certified divers, leading a dive for divers doing continued education, and I finally finished my reading which means the dreaded exams loom!!

Highlight of the week was me going all “Blue Peter” by making a buoy and line out of any items I could find!! No ” Here’s one I prepared earlier” for me!! The finished product did the job and Sandy was pleased to as they say in England “jobs a good ‘un!”

This afternoon I’m back in the sea to start learning how to map a reef.

The staff here have been so supportive and helpful to me. I don’t think I could have managed it all without that support for which I am very thankful.

This course is challenging and pushes you out of your comfort zone but the rewards are worth it. You learn so much and it’s nice when you hear from the instructors that they can see improvement in you, especially when your confidence has taken a knock.

Another busy week awaits and I have no idea what it will bring but just bring it on!! Lol!

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