05 Mar / 2014
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Zara Divemaster TraineeI am now half way through my internship and have just arrived in Lembongan for my final three weeks.

I have seen a lot this week, and it’s possible that my dive buddies did too as I had my 100th dive. This happened to fall on a night dive so, sticking to tradition, I ditched my wetsuit for a night of spotting octopuses, scorpionfish, and different kinds of nudis.

Diving in Lembeh is different to any I’ve done before as it’s muck diving, which means black sands and many more small critters like warty frogfish, ambon scorpionfish, lots of nudibranchs, shrimps and crabs, bargibanti pygmy seahorses, pontohi pygmy seahorses, blue ring octopus, mimic octopus…. and lots more!! I even saw the tiny Lembeh sea dragon and went on my first mandarin fish dive, which I’d highly recommend. I was really amazed by the ability of the dive guides to spot such small and well camouflaged animals.

In between all the critter spotting I did actually do some ‘work’. I completed my swimming and snorkeling tests, mapped the artificial reef that makes up part of the house reef and completed a scuba review dive, which involves recapping some open water skills with a certified student who has not dived for a while.

Today I will be completing the dives for my manta specialty which I am definitely looking forward to!

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