16 Mar / 2014
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Zara Divemaster TraineeI have just come to the end of my first week in Lembongan and the fourth week of my divemaster course.

As part of my internship I’m required to assist on courses, so this week I assisted on a rescue course. This was really helpful in refreshing my rescue skills and I felt that I really learnt a lot too, despite having already taken the course.

I have also completed my five specialties, which means that I can apply for the PADI master scuba diver status. The fifth one was a manta specialty which involved learning about the threats that mantas face, both worldwide and here in Lembongan. I also learnt about conservation techniques, such as identification of individuals from photos, and I was involved in this.

Diving here has been fantastic. On my first day we went to ‘Andy lost point’ and then the famous manta feeding station,  ‘manta point’, for an 80 minute dive surrounded by at least 20 reef mantas which was incredible! I had never seen mantas before and the size of them is not something you can imagine. I have also had a couple of days off, so I jumped on the boat for some fun dives at ‘manta bay’ (a manta cleaning station), ‘crystal bay’, ‘toyapakeh’ and an exciting drift dive at ‘mangrove’.

Outside of my course, I have been lucky enough to attend talks given by Aquatic Alliance, who are based across the road from Two Fish Lembongan. They give fascinating talks every Tuesday on ‘ weird, wonderful waterlife’ and every Thursday on manta conservation, which I have learnt a lot from. Whilst in Indonesia I have also been trying to pick up a few words of bahasa, with the help of the dive guides, and I’ve made quite a lot of progress this week!

I have two weeks left of my internship now so I’m looking forward to some more excellent diving and completing more of my course!

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