/// Diving Bunaken with lots of turtles and flambouyant cuttlefish in Lembeh

28 Mar / 2014
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cuttlefish in Lembeh 19JAN14Welcome to our weekly round-up #9, Mar 2014. We are still getting 30 meter visibility and have been diving in Bunaken with lots of turtles, with up to 14 on one dive!

In Lembeh we are still enjoying no crowds on the boats and dive sites packed with Flamboyant Cuttlefish, and some returning guests got to see lots of Manta’s in Lembongan!

Our Divemasters Interns have been active – Sara reports on her 4th week in Lembongan, Simon gives his 2nd week report, and we said goodbye to Andreas who gave us some memorable photos from his snorkel test on his last night!

In TEC, Kate takes up a technical MSD challenge – she is doing the TEC 40, TEC 45, TEC 50, Sidemount, Equipment Speciality and Search & Recovery Speciality courses, and this week she completed her TEC40-50 courses.

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Happy diving!

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This week in Lembongan, Bali

Porcelain crab Lembongan BaliWe welcome Elaine and Nick from Great Britain who have stayed in our two oher resorts previously and thought they would give us a go. So far we were able to show them loads of Mantas, a tresher shark, bamboo sharks, blue spottet stingrays, many different crabs and shrimps and an abundance of different nudibranchs.

Our DMTs were busy with checking and counting all our rental equipment. But naturally they also went diving. Zara’s now getting closer and closer to the end of her course as only a few things are left to do…

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This week in Lembeh

Flambouyant cuttlefish Lembeh StraitsWe’re still enjoying no crowds on the boats and dive sites but a host of great critters! Cheryl gave us this pic of a Flamboyant Cuttlefish – this was high on her wish list and she has so far seen 5 of them!

We’ve also seen Flamboyant eggs on several dive sites plus lots of Ghost Pipefish (Ornate, Robust and Delicate including a stunning lime green Robust pair), Blue Ringed Octopus, Donald Duck Shrimp, Wunderpus, tonnes of Painted Frogfish, Mimics, Harlequin Shrimp, Candy Crabs, Ambon Scorpionfish, Melibe (nudi), Zebra Batfish, Hairy Frogfish, Bargibanti pygmy seahorses and lots more!

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This week in Bunaken

Slipper Lobster BunakenWith 30 meter visibility we have been diving Bunaken with lots of turtles, with up to 14 on one dive. One cheeky turtle even tried to take a nibble of the dome port of Edwin’s camera.

Edwin & Jan also saw their first Candy crab and a spawning sea cucumber. Edwin took this beautiful photo of a Slipper Lobster, thank for sharing it!

We have also seen Napoleon Wrasse, Black tip reef Sharks, Barracudas, Yellow Margined Morays, Twin Spot Lionfish, Marble Shrimps, Candy crabs, boxer crabs, Crinoid Clingfish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse, Pink & Elegant Squat Lobsters.

We said Goodbye to Andeas our DMT this week and Thank you Andreas for all your help. Simon is still working hard, but having fun with us in Bunaken.

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Go Pro Corner

DMT Zara continues her Divemaster course in Lembongan this week with her week4 report.

Lots of progress this week for DMT Simon in Bunaken with his week2 report.

Andreas divemaster BunakenWe said goodbye to Andreas after he spent 4weeks doing his Divemaster with us in Bunaken, and he gave us some memorable photos from his snorkel test on his last night – check out the album on Facebook!

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