12 Apr / 2014
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Trine Divemaster TraineeI am now half way into my six-week internship as DM in Bunaken and Lembeh. It has has been three weeks of lots of work, lots of learning-experiences and lots of diving. Well, last week has been out of the water. I have got something as trivial as a common cold, but equalising has been impossible! Oh well, done my theory, my exam’s and some workshops. But I really want to get wet again! I am going to Lembeh now from Bunaken for one week. Strange how much home a dive center will become in a short time. Almost like leaving home to leave Bunaken now. But so looking forward to Lembeh.

Becoming a DM is a process that for me has resulted in a lot of thinking. I have been reflecting about responsibilities, about how to look at fellow divers, about equipment choices. In short, it changes me as a diver. I do enjoy diving just as much, but this will make me into a much better buddy while fundiving and hopefully into a DM that can anticipate and make the diving more enjoyable for the ones I am helping.

My boat leaves for Manado now. Will share more of my experience later. Time to change my home into Lembeh for a week and say hi to all the strange little critters living under the surface there!

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