05 Apr / 2014
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Lisa Divemaster TraineeHi, my name is Lisa and I’m one of the new DMTs at Two Fish. I started my 4 week internship about a week ago right after I finished my rescue course in Bunaken. That was really great cause I already knew the staff and some of the daily business. So it was quite easy to get in my role as a DMT, and all the people around me were ready to help if I had a question.

I also liked the idea of having a schedule, which was quite flexible but listed the things that were planned for the week, so I could be prepared and knew the instructors are intended to widen my knowledge. We started right away with a skill session in the pool which was fun but had my head spin with all the information, I’m already looking forward for the next session.

I also completed my deep dive (inclusive the planning and emergency considerations), my search and recovery and my mapping project.

Part of these I did in Lembeh, one of the other resorts of Two Fish, well known for muck diving. I really liked to split up the internship between the two areas, because they are quite close but totally different in diving. And both spots have a healthy and variable marine life. I was thrilled to see lots of turtles in every dive at Bunaken and even more Nudibranches, crabs and octopus in Lembeh.

Tomorrow I’ll head back to Bunaken for the rest of my stay. It was just a short but very intense time here in Lembeh with a little backdrop – I haven’t seen the Pygmy Seahorse and the Blue-ringed Octopus due to a ear infection that made me miss some fun dives…

Thanks a lot to Two Fish Lembeh.

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