05 Apr / 2014
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Baden Divemaster TraineeComing up on my last weeks here hmm where did it all go… 

Oh well lots of awesome memories have been made since last blog, some a little foggier then others where certain distilled substances may have been involved. Last week we had Nyepi, the time of year Nusa Lembongan shuts down completely no power no walking on the street! which sounds pretty crappy but was actually heaps of fun with the right people and lots of Bintang.

We have been seeing Molas pretty much everyday at Crystal bay which is really cool. I’ve also started Divemastering the boat also which is something I have to work on heaps with my confidence but what is life without challenges.

I don’t want to leave goddammit if you are out there reading this blog thinking about doing a DMT don’t waste your time thinking about it just pack those bags! :)

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