21 Apr / 2014
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Christian Divemaster TraineeAfter 6 amazing weeks on Lembongan, with two ear infections that extended the time here a little, I finally finished my internship at Two Fish and officially became a Divemaster.

I have been diving for 4 years, in cold water, tropical water, dry suit and so on. But still i have learned so many new good things, especially in the theory end of the diving. Now I know how the currents flow around the continents and that Vodka is lighter than water (very important to know).

The program also covered practical stuff (not only sitting with your head in the books), such as maintaining and servicing tanks and regulators from inside out. I think every diver should do that once, it really gives you a better understanding of how your equipment keeps you alive underwater while you are enjoying your dive.

So a big thank you to my mentor Mr. Crowley for the never ending skill circle training, the patient explaining and illustrating of dive theory and physics and 6 weeks of good talk and laugh at the little table next to the pool.

Thanks to Karoline for the AOW and DSD course assistance and the UNO lessons (with very special Swiss rules).

Thanks to Baden for being my DMT buddy and the best unresponsive diver in the bean bags.

And thanks to the whole Two Fish family for all the good times and making me feel so at home (and letting me drive the boat!).

I hope we see you all soon somewhere in the world: Denmark, Indonesia, who knows!

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