/// Fantastic critters in Lembeh and cuttlefish in Lembongan

30 Apr / 2014
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cuttlefish lembonganWelcome to our weekly round-up #13, April 2014. This is the week of fantastic critters in Lembeh and cuttlefish in Lembongan.

We have had perfect weather & diving conditions in Bunaken that has given us a mixture of big and small stuff.

In the TEC Corner, Stephanie, our very own Instructor from Two Fish Lembongan, has been visiting us on Bunaken for total immersion into sidemount and technical diving.

In the Pro Corner, Trine & Lisa are cracking on with their dive master internships in Bunaken, and we announce 2 x IDCs in Bunaken for July & August.

And you can check out our current offers for staying & diving with us.

Happy diving!

Regards from the Two Fish team

This week in Lembeh

juvenile batfish lembehWhat a week it’s been! Fantastic critters all round with our “regulars” in large numbers such as Mimic octopus, Wunderpus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Ambon Scorpionfish, Pygmy seashores (Bargibanti, Pontohi, Severns) & Coconut Octopus.

Also out and about were Lembeh Sea Dragons, Zebra Batfish, Donald Duck Shrimp, Harlequin shrimp, Ornate and Robust Ghost Pipefish, Tiger shrimp, Hairy, Shaggy and Painted Frogfish, Starry Night octopus. phew!

Our extra special finds this week – Hairy Ghost Pipefish, a swimmming Stargazer during the day and a Mototi Octopus Thanks to Lesley and Dave for the super pic of a juvenile Circular Batfish, what a beaut!


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This week in Bunaken

chromodoris nudibranch bunakenIt has been sunny and calm. Perfect for diving! And many people have joined us both for fundives and courses.

We have seen a lot of stuff down in the blue. On the big side we have spotted dogtooth tuna, big barracudas, napoelon wrasse, giant and bluefinned travellies, schooling batfish, eagle ray, bluespotted stingray and whitetip reefshark.

Our smaller friends include leaf scorpion fish, ornate ghostpipefish, ribbon eel, moray eel, cuttlefish, common reef octopus, crocodile fish, coconut octopus, sponge crab, boxer crab, candy crab, nudies of different kinds, boxer shrimps, tiger shrimps, anemone shrimp, coral shrimp, pontohi pygme seahorse, painted frogfish, flying gurney and almost every dive, the lovely turtles!

Thanks to Roberto and Kathrien for the picture of the nice cromadora. This trip is Robertos first tryout with a camera under water!


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This week in Lembongan

cuttlefish lembonganWell, we’ve seen it all this week – from mantas and molas to bamboo sharks, turtles and weird and wonderful nudibranchs – and the weekly sightings reports have more than made up for the fact that the water’s been a bit murky this week, thanks to a seasonal algae bloom.

Our British group enjoyed an amazing trip over to the wreck of the Liberty in Tulamben, with thanks to the help of Antoine from Baruna dive centre in Tulamben for helping us to organize the excursion. Our Open water student Tom found all kinds of wonderful stuff (okay, mostly Morays) for Francesca and Maia along the north shore and some old friends – Adam and Heidi – came to visit, but sadly we said farewell to some new friends, our DMTs (now Divemasters) Baden and Christian.

We had a lot of photos of Nudis and crabs, manta and mola over the past weeks, so here’s a cuttlefish just to make a change – thanks to Lisa for the great shot!


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Tec Corner

stephanie sidemount course bunakenOur very own Two Fish Divers Instructor Stephanie from Lembongan has been visiting us on Bunaken for total immersion into sidemount and technical diving. She began with the TDI Sidemount Course in which she learned diving with 2 tanks. Then she moved straight into the TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures Courses so she could complete longer dives at depths of 45 meters.

Stephanie is quite happy with the amount of new dive knowledge she’s been getting from her technical instructor Hiro and she’s looking forward to incorporating that in her regular teaching down in Nusa Lembongan.

Even after hundreds of dives and several recreational dive courses, there is something still new to learn! Are you looking for the next step?


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Pro Corner

Divemaster Interns

Trine Divemaster TraineeOur two dive master interns in Bunaken both continue their journeys. Trine has come back from Lembeh and is cracking on with her Dm course now that her ears are healthy again.


Lisa Divemaster TraineeAnd Lisa is in her last week of her 4-week internship, before she goes back to being a surgeon in Switzerland!


Catch up with the DM Interns on their blog posts!


Instructor Courses (IDCs)

live the dream idc on bunakenWant to be a diving instructor with us? We are happy to announce that we are running 2 IDCs in Bunaken in July & August, but book early as space is limited with only 4 spaces in each class!!


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