/// Ghostpipefish in Lembeh and a whale shark in Lembongan

23 Apr / 2014
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robust ghostpipefish lembehWelcome to our weekly round-up #12, April 2014. This is the week of robust ghostpipefish in Lembeh, and even a sargassum frogfish on our house reef.

In Bunaken the dolphins have dropped by to say hello, and in Lembongan the highlight of the week was a whale shark!

In TEC we have been full-on with sidemount courses, and we say congrats to 2 new divemasters in Lembongan – Baden & Christian!

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Happy diving!

Regards from the Two Fish team

This week in Lembeh

robust ghostpipefish lembehA great week of diving with great sunny weather Highlights this week are Mosaic, Mimic and Wunderpus Octopus, Ornate and Robust Ghost Pipefish, Flamboyant Cuttlefish and their eggs, Lembeh Sea Dragons, Hairy, Painted, Giant and Warty Frogfish as well as a tiny Sargassum Frogfish in the shallows on our house reef!

Fantastic night dives as well this week with Stargazers, Bobbit Worms, Ambon Scorpionfish and many more.

We also welcome Trine this week who is here for a week as part of her Eco Divemaster internship.

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This week in Bunaken

dart goby bunakenWe have been experiencing some waves, but the visibility has still been good and the dolphins have dropped by to say hello. The White Tip & Black Reef sharks are back and we have been seeing them most days.

Other big stuff this week includes Wahoo, Eagles Rays, Tunas, Napoleon Wrasse, Barracudas and Turtles. Hanging out on the reef have been Leaf Scorpion fish, Common Octopus, Crocodile fish, Banded Sea Snakes and various Morays. On the Smaller side we have seen Ornate Ghost Pipfish, Pontohi & Severn’s Pygmy Seahorses, Candy Crabs and Pink Squat Lobsters.

We welcomed back Lesley & David who dived with us 9 years ago and they entertained us with photos of that time.

Lisa is being very helpful around the Dive Centre and is really starting to feel like a Divemaster. Trine has gone over to the dark side, Lembeh and we will see her again soon.

Thanks to Ian Caine for this photo of a Fire Dart Goby.

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This week in Lembongan

porcelain crab lembonganWe have had a week of warm sunny days with sunscreen being a must. Under the water, our Belgium dive team with dive guild Andy and Yayan spotted a 5+ meter whale shark while diving at PED! Many manta sighting through the week both while diving and while snorkeling. Also we have been seeing turtles, octopus, bamboo sharks, blue spotted sting rays, fairy flashers and thanks to our eagle eyed dive guides, we have found, skeleton shrimp, cowries, squad lobsters and even sea lice.

During our night dives in Lembongan Bay we saw, cuttlefish, Spanish dancer and porcelain crabs (photo below by Maja Stankovski).

Also, a big congratulations to our two brand new Dive Masters, Baden Claassens and Christian Nygaard!!

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Tec Corner

sidemount divers bunakenAll of our guests who’ve come to try sidemount agree that they’ll never go back (pun intended). Jessica & Phillip from Australia completed their TDI Sidemount course with technical instructor Hiro and are really looking forward to putting their new skills to test in the cold waters off Sydney. Happy sidemount diving down under!

Meanwhile, Alex Walker finished off his PADI Tec Sidemount course with technical instructor Sandy. He was delighted not to have to carry around the heavy twinset for all his decompression dives and even was diving with up to 6 tanks at one point! Well done Alex!

And our in-house Two Fish instructor Stephanie from Lembongan is up for a visit and is currently learning Sidemount with Hiro. After she’ll begin her TDI Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures to take her diving to the next level.

Here’s a snapshot of Phillip & Jessica with their tanks all set up for side mount diving.

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